About The Kulture


Mission: The Kulture exists to nurture lasting hope in all areas of life for youth and young adults in our community through transformative relationships with peers, mentors and Jesus Christ.

What we do:

Tuesday nights we open for a night of friendship building, mentorship, fun, dinner and being challenged by Jesus. Here are the details:

Doors Open at 5:30pm: Students arrive on their own or get a ride from us. With great outdoor and indoor facilities, there is always something to do with your friends at the Kulture. Students hangout, meet one on one with an adult mentor and work on mental and physical growth in on computers or in our weight room.

Family Dinner 6:15pm: All are welcome for this free delicious meal. Our cooks are getting it in with these meals!

Kulture Group 7:00-8:30pm: A mixture of music, games, Bible study and small groups, Kulture Group time is where we look to the Bible and Jesus for direction in life and hope for our future!

Open Court: Thursdays 5-8pm We open our community basketball court (and some times the weight room) for some intense competition! Spring-Fall

Bible Studies: Meeting all the time as students request

Mentorship: We partner students with caring adults to help them stay on track with life goals and to connect them deeper with Jesus Christ.

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