What’s Happening Spring 2022?

An end to school, a new start as summer rolls in…

Everything is in full swing as we prepare for summer activities, and boy, are we busy already!

We are getting ready to say goodbye to our graduating seniors in the coming weeks and send them off with a special event, we are planning an “end of the school year” party, recruiting youth volunteers for VBS in June, and getting students signed up for KAA (Kids Across America) camp in July. That also means planning an upcoming car wash fundraiser on June 25th!

As we consider what summer activities might look like, we already have put a Cardinals game down on the schedule for May 31st, and hope to be able to plan more outings and trips in the coming months.

Prayer Requests

As we work on the logistics of how to serve our students and community well, please continue to pray for each of us volunteers, that our hearts and minds would be fixed on Jesus and that He would be the one leading and directing our decisions. All of the best plans and experiences mean nothing if Jesus isn’t the focus. Pray that we continue to stay consistent and faithful in ministry, and that our love would grow deeper and deeper for those who are still unreached.

We also ask that you pray for students to have open hearts and minds on Kulture nights, grow richer friendships, and have experiences with God that would be lifechanging. We have a group of 11 students going to KAA and are joining transportation with another local church; we are asking God to use this week of camp to impact all of the students’ hearts, and refresh the leaders.

Thank you for your continued support and for joining us in prayer for this ministry!

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